Part Whale. Part Shark.Social Entrepreneur and Investor with a focus on disrupting the status quo, while elevating the brave and dedicated communities behind the innovation.Collector of all things Beautiful and Scarce.Use Case Maximalist.Founder of $WHALE and E1337.


Over the course of the last 18 years, whaleshark has helped build, lead, acquire and sell companies across the world.He has owned and operated several successful businesses in Artificial Intelligence, Retail consulting, Brand Management and venture capital.early adopter of crypto (2012), Decentralized finance (2018), nfts (2019) and social tokens (2019).


As featured on bloomberg, cnbc, forbes, bbc, retuers, wired, HYPEBEAST, coindesk, tatler, cointelegraph and many more.



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WHALE is the omni-versal membership club for the natively digital, focused on immersing our WHALE Members in the renaissance of digital art and culture.Powered by the club's native social token, $WHALE, and the club treasury, the WHALE Vault, WHALE delivers physical and metaversal content, information and experiences for a new generation of digital enthusiasts.Established in 2020 by the pseudonymous WhaleShark, WHALE boasts over 25,000 members worldwide, all focused on the longer term discussion and immersion of Web 3 and the revolution of true digital asset scarcity, ownership and management.WHALE has emerged as the largest social token community in the world funded by the most valuable collection of NFTs in the world.

E1337 meta wear

E1337 was designed and launched as the world's first luxury e-sports apparel brand: designed, sourced and manufactured from the mecca of e-sports, south korea.built for gaming, inspired by digital, powered by blockchain.